2016-2017 Calendar of Events

Overview of Ohio FPS Programs:

Recommended registration for all components is October 7, 2016.

Topics for 2016-2017

Global Issues Team and Individual Competition

Team and Individual Community Problem Solving

Scenario Writing

Action Based

Governing Council Members

Administrative Director: Gene Rust

Education Director: Rush Coen Rogers

Evaluations Director: Dion Prunty

Past Director: Ginny Buzzard

Treasurer: Susan Hartzell

Secretary: Heather Bucina

At Large Members:

Chris Gambrill

Linda A. Heath

Kay Strong

Teach The Future

Teach The Future < http://teachthefuture.org/ >  is an initiative to establish futures thinking across the curriculum in secondary/ middle, post-secondary, and professional education being leaded by top U.S. educational futurist Peter C. Bishop, Ph.D., now retired after thirty years with the University of Houston’s Master’s in Strategic Foresight program.

From the URL < http://teachthefuture.org/ > you can access “Get the Educator’s Starter Kit” (Secondary School Starter Kit for middle and high school) or click on the “Teach the Future” tab on the top ribbon of the page.

What we are looking for are teachers willing to share lessons or modules in their area of teaching expertise that use Futures Thinking (tools, techniques). The goal is to create a data bank of lessons under a Creative commons License.

There is compensation for deliverables:
1- to 2-day lessons/activities  $100/lesson
1- to 2-week units/outlines     $250/mini unit
3- to 6-week units/outlines     $350/full unit

To get started just complete theTeacher Application: http://form.jotform.us/form/51234983905157

Site for the State Bowl

Solon Middle School, Solon, OH

April 7-8, 2017

Site for the International Conference

University of Wisconsin: La Crosse, La Crosse, WI

June 7 – 11, 2017